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Who we are: From NYC to Melbourne

In case you're wondering about us. Here's a bit about our background

In 2014, I graduated and moved to NYC to do music. I was driven to find the best music/musicians New York had to offer. I would often be out far into the evening, almost to the morning, checking out the Neo-Soul/Jazz/R&B/Funk scene. Through being on the scene with jams and performing, I developed a network of incredibly talented individuals and decided to start a corporate band. I had been in corporate bands before and seen how they operate and was able to identify good and bad ways of managing and leading. I got together a group of my favorite musicians who had experience in the field and were always striving to push their musicianship to the next level. When we started playing out, we quickly became a dominant band in the R&B/Motown/Pop genre. We began getting inquiries to the point that I had to register the business and bring others on board to help manage it. This band is called Blue Avenue Groove and still operates in NYC. We now not only boost a band comprised of Grammy Award winning artists, we've opened for Hall & Oates, Tedeschi Trucks Band, played the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the list goes on. In 2017, I made the decision to take my strategy from NYC and start a band in Melbourne, Australia. I took the flight over with high hopes and determination. I searched around the city for the right musicians and am proud to present to you an amazing band of musicians along with my experience in the field to arrange and pick the best songs and build a performance that you and your guests will love. Whether it's your first time booking a band or already have a vision in mind and need a band that can execute it, I'm your guy. I have years of experience from back in the city and can help customize what we do to provide the ideal performance for your event with energy and a full dance floor.

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